Bangkok Solo Exhibition

Maison JE Bangkok – Where Art and Life Embrace Elegance
Satoru KOIZUMI, a Japanese artist born in 1983 in Miyagi, graduated from the Sculpture Art Research Institute at Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. Beginning in 2010, he started presenting wood carving works and quickly gained a reputation in the art world.Beyond their adorable aesthetics, Koizumi’s works represent the theme of loneliness within every individual. His sculptures have stood out and are featured at international art expositions and exhibitions in various locations, such as Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.
This extraordinary exhibition showcases the visionary artistry of Satoru KOIZUMI, a renowned artist known for his captivating wood carvings. His sculptures have been active in many international art fairs and exhibitions. His animal figure-antelope wood carvings set a transaction price of NT$3.6 million at the 2021 auction.
The exclusive exhibition will transport viewers on a captivating voyage through the enchanting realm of Disney, skillfully capturing the essence of beloved characters while exploring the profound depths of human emotions.Satoru KOIZUMI’s highlight works to be exhibited this time includes “Original Sculptures of Children” wearing adorable animal costumes, juxtaposing cuteness with underlying feelings of confusion and loneliness. The “Manuscript Series” combines classic and original woodcarvings with colorful Disney manuscripts, representing years of preparation and diverse creative concepts.