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Maison JE

Maison JE Bangkok – Where Art and Life Embrace Elegance
Maison JE Bangkok is where art and life gracefully intertwine. We are a refined lifestyle brand and an artistic exchange platform, inspired by conversations among art collectors who share their beloved collections and support the creativity of artists.
At Maison JE, our vision is to immerse you in the beauty of everyday life. We strive to create a sense of home for every visitor, allowing them to indulge in the joy and elegance that life has to offer.
In the years ahead, Maison JE will host periodic art exhibitions, showcasing the works of contemporary artists. These exhibitions will provide an opportunity to appreciate and understand the trends and exquisite aesthetics of modern art. We invite you to join us in embracing art and integrating it into your daily life, experiencing the wonders and allure of artistic elements.
Maison JE officially establishes its presence in the Thai market in 2023. Co-founder Elsie, a long-term resident of Bangkok, has immersed herself in local culture and customs.  This has inspired us to create a space that embodies the essence of the local community, where modern individuals can pursue refined tastes and appreciate aesthetic beauty. Our style is characterized by simplicity, sophistication, and a warm ambiance that permeates every corner.
The passion for art and a relentless pursuit of refined taste by Maison Je’s founder, Elsie, have converged to create a distinctive artistic expression. Maison Je not only brings diverse art from around the world to showcase captivating collections but also eagerly seeks to provide a fresh platform for local artists.

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Address: Maison JE 418 Building, Suriyawong Rd., Si Phraya, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500